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Career growth of Agriculture in the Public sector


India is an agriculture-based economy accounting for nearly 60% of our GDP. It is no wonder then that it has emerged as the most prominent industry and the highest job provider. This change has become most prominent in the past few years and is poised to grow at a much more rate. This is different from the earlier notion where Agriculture was limited to farming only. The new scenario has undergone a complete overhaul. Today it is possible for the youth to have a vibrant career in the Agriculture sector more so in the Public sector as well.

 As a lot of rural youth is connected to the Fasal Salah agriculture app so it has taken the responsibility on is its shoulder to keep you updated. All you have to do is to download the “Fasal Salah Agriculture App” from google play store and have a look on the Job section where you can easily find the perfect solution as it is categorized in the form of 10th, 12th and agriculture job format.

According to agricultural experts, Jobs in the Agricultural sector contribute to nearly 44% of the Indian workforce. Being a prominent sector, it holds immense opportunities for youth. For any job prospect in the agriculture sector, it is vital to have a degree in Agricultural Engineering.

Agricultural Engineering is the field of study which concentrates on the application of engineering sciences and agricultural purposes. It is unique from other fields as it combines different disciplines of engineering fields like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Food Science and much more.

Here are some best prospects for jobs in the agricultural sector. These have become the most preferred option for today’s youth. It makes sense to join this sector if one wants to work with farmers.

Ø Agricultural Engineer- One becomes an agricultural engineer after completing agricultural engineering. It has emerged as the most profitable scenario as one can work as Agricultural Inspector, Farm manager. Most of these jobs are provided in the public sector arena by players like ITC, Nestle, Amul and NABARD. These engineers can also work as guidance counsellors for farmers giving real-time data. An agricultural engineer is the best person to guide a farmer for better crop production.

Ø Horticulture- The word itself implies that it involves working specifically in the farming sector. The best places for jobs are in the Horticulture institutes and government plantations. The horticulture experts can also guide and advise farmers on the right way to grow crops. Today most public sector companies like the Agriculture Institute of India employ horticulture experts as Project managers, Irrigation managers. They also deploy them as Agriculture inspectors to inspect the fields 

Ø Dairy farming- It is the only other sector after horticulture to hold a good career opportunity for youth having Agricultural engineering degrees. It is the most visible industry as India is the largest producer of Milk. This sector has good employment opportunities in companies like Amul which employs production managers.


In Conclusion:

Agriculture is one sector that is projected to grow at a tremendous rate in the coming months. More and more people are choosing Agriculture as the most preferred employment sector. It holds Job security which is not available in the private sector. It pays to be a part of this growing trend and become a part of the vibrant economy called the agricultural economy.

It is always recommended to an aspirant to have a continues eye on all the vacancies which are released by the companies, organizations or institutes. So to keep the task easy and sound, Fasal Salah Agriculture App has taken an initiative by keeping a Job section in the app to keep you updated as the career of youth is really important.

                                                                                                                  - By Ruchi Sinha


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