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Market Overview of November Month :   Ø Crop Sowing: -   ·          Crop is late due to rain effect. But sowing is too high in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh ·          Last year, Fennel was sown in 41970 hectares in Gujarat. ·          So far this year, Fennel has been sown in 21300 hectares. Last year till this date 28600 hectares area was sown. ·          So far, sowing of Fennel is 50.75% as compared to Total Sowing of Last Year and 74.05% as compared to this date of last year.   Ø Coriander Market: - Market increased by 10-15 Rs   ·          The arrival of coriander has started decreasing in the mandis of MP-Rajasthan. This time in Madhya Pradesh, due to late rains, there is a possibility of delay in sowing there. ·          On the other hand, farmers have prepared the fields in Rajasthan and due to less production of old crops, gradually the arrival in raw mandis has started decreasing. ·          In Neemuch, Mandsaur, Kumbhraj, Ratlam lines, due to the decrease in the arrival of cor