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  Tur crop grows over 150-180 days and is harvested only in December-January. It is mostly cultivated as an inter-crop with soyabean, cotton and even moong and urad. Farmers who inter-crop tur with soyabean would typically sow both after mid-June with the onset of the monsoon. It is a largely rain- fed  crop, with hardly 8% of its total area coming under irrigation. Its relatively long duration of 5-6 months requires at least a couple of good showers. As Northwest India reels under excess rain, the situation is quite the opposite in the two major pulses-growing states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Impact of deficient rainfall The overall shortfall in pulses area is a result of cumulative rainfall during the ongoing monsoon season from June 1 to July 11 being 23% below the historical normal average for this period in Maharashtra, 26.2% in Karnataka and 30.9% in Telangana. This is as against a rainfall surplus of 155.4% recorded by Rajasthan during this period. Within pulses, the real ac