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Cyclone "Michaung" may make landfall b/w Andhra Pradesh – North Tamil Nadu coast with highest probability near Nellore - By Dr. B K Singh & Purnima Nair

  Image Source: Multi Model Ensemble A Well-marked low-pressure area formed over South-East Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify further into a Depression by today evening. It is predicted to move towards West Northwest direction for next 2 days. This depression is likely to intensify further into a Deep Depression by tomorrow over South-East and adjoining South-West Bay of Bengal. There have been 2 different predictions: 1.   As per ECMWF forecast, this system should intensify and move closer to North Tamil Nadu and South AP coast by 02nd December. Hence, it will hit North Chennai as a Deep Depression in coming 2 days and cross coast near South AP and moving northward. If this happens, many areas of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Puducherry, Coastal Andhra Pradesh shall receive extremely heavy rainfall in coming 2-3 days. 2.   Whereas GFS is taking a recurve by passing through the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and taking it to North Bay of Bengal. According to BKC Aggregators, t

Burning Issue: Stubble Fires in Punjab Choking UP and Delhi-NCR

The pollution issue in Delhi-NCR rises every year around October-November. The primary cause of this is farmers in Punjab and Haryana burning their stubble. This year, around 54% high-pitched reduction in stubble burning has been noticed in the country. But in Punjab, recently the number of incidents of stubble burning are rising day by day as the harvesting of paddy is peaking up. The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has reported that more pollution rise is recorded in the state after Dussehra.                As per reports, 589 incidents of stubble burning were reported in Punjab on October 26, the highest number of stubble burning occurrences recorded in a single day. According to sources, this year a total of 6284 instances of stubble burning were recorded in Punjab till October 30. Although there have been lesser instances of stubble burning in the fields this year compared to previous, numerous incidences are still being reported. According to a NASA report, the smoke from P