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Domestic market update and future projection Wheat in Delhi Lawrence road offered at Rs. 1760 Vs Rs. 2225 per quintal in last year at same time and in Kota at 1870 per quintal Vs Rs. 2175 per quintal in 2019. Prices of  wheat  in Indore rose at Rs. 1810 per quintal comparatively to last few days as arrivals declined. A marginal rise in demand ahead of the festival season also supported prices. Arrivals are pegged at 800 bags (1 bag = 100 kg) compared with 1,000 bags. Prices increased in Jaipur, too (Rs.1780 per quintal), as arrivals fell slightly amid firm demand. In Jaipur, arrivals are pegged at 1,200 bags as against 1,400 bags. Arrivals of wheat are likely to fall steadily in the coming days as farmers and stockists have exhausted their inventories. Wheat prices are likely to rise further in the coming weeks as bulk buyers expect demand to increase during the festival season. Good wheat production in Australia will influence the India wheat trade and prices which are already bel

Farmers in Pilot's Seat: Use of Space Age Technology in Farm Prescriptions

  July 2020 will be remembered for bold decisions by government on abolishing APMCs, SCO, and now an impetus on FPOs.   This follows an earlier announced policy of making crop insurance optional.   All these policy changes have put the focus on individual farmers.   The farmer is on the pilot’s sea now.   A Farmer is free to decide which crop to grow, where to sell, at which price to sell, or to buy crop insurance or not. Approximately 10 years ago, we created a pilot briefing system for Indian Air Force as per their requirements. It was a tightly monitored project created in consultation with the best meteorologists and pilots in Indian Air Force. It was cleared at the highest level and then implemented at all Air Force stations in India.   The system was called SIRAVDS. This flight briefing system gives pilots the necessary guidance as to what kind of weather they will face at different heights during the flight time; from take-off to a safe landing at the destination. It is a co