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Monsoon 2024: A Slow Start but Promising Outlook

  Monsoon 2024 has finally arrived, the progress is a bit slow, with cumulative shortfall of 8.7% so far. However, the overall monsoon is expected to be as predicted, with 106% of the LPA. This year's monsoon follows a challenging 2023 season, which witnessed El Niño conditions. The transition to La Niña conditions is underway, suggesting that normal to above-normal rainfall could be expected but changeover will be irregular. Regional Rainfall Predictions To provide a comprehensive understanding of the expected rainfall distribution and its impact, please refer to three graph below, detailing the rainfall predictions from June to October 2024.                   Prediction for Jun/July/Aug              Prediction  for  July/Aug/Sept                                                                                          Prediction  for Aug/Sept/Oct Reservoir Status and Water Management Reservoir levels are currently low, particularly in the southern region. According to the