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Global Sugar Outlook R

  Price Outlook: Raw sugar and Arabica coffee futures on ICE closed lower on some showers forecast in drought-hit Brazil over the next few days and profit taking by funds.                               ·          July raw sugar (SBc1) settled down 0.33 cent, or 1.9%, at 17.38 cents per lb.      ·          August white sugar (LSUc1) settled down $7.20, or 1.5%, at $459.30 a tonne.      ·          The weather in the Centre-South region of Brazil remained a focus with some showers forecast this week although overall conditions remain dry.      ·          Lower energy prices can lead to more use of cane to make sugar rather than biofuel ethanol, particularly in Brazil.   Factors affecting Brazilian Sugar Cane supplies are already tight due to a severe drought that has been ravaging yields in Brazil. Cane-crushing dropped 31% in the first half of April compared to a year ago. ·          The global sugar supply crunch is about to get worse amid a food-versus-fuel debate playing out in top ex
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  In Rabi season 2020-21, FASAL SALAH team carry out a study of crops grown in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh. Wheat is the major crop of Indore district followed by Gram. Idea was to look at the crop on ground as well as from satellite to see if size the crop and yields could be determined. FASAL SALAH App, Our Crop monitoring technology is unique using bottoms up approach with crop monitoring at field level and correlating ground realities with real-time crop vegetation index monitored via spectral analysis of high-resolution satellite images for different fields and crops. This enables to track positive and negative dynamics of crop development much more realistically. This way it is more realistic way of crop yield estimation before actual harvest. Our technology has been field tested and awarded by Govt. of India (Winner of Great Agriculture Challenge 2019).     Satellite Image Processing and Vegetation Index- The Terra Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (